Trailer Service, Repair, Custom Work, and More

All Mac Inc. has almost 20 years of experience servicing all types of trailers including commercial, construction, cargo, snowmobile, boat, fish house, camper and horse trailers.

All Mac Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality trailer maintenance and repair at a reasonable cost. Our mission is to ensure that trailers are safe and to provide education to new owners.

Regardless of the type of trailer you own, we can provide a safety check and fix it if needed. We are not going to recommend repairs you do not need. We are busy enough fixing all the real repairs out there!

What type of maintenance is needed on a trailer? Maintenance is determined by how often you use your trailer and in what conditions. A boat trailer that is in and out of the water ten times a year will need a different maintenance schedule than a commercial trailer that is used every day on the job site. Regardless, every trailer should have a yearly safety check.

These items are all inspected in our safety check:

  • Tires and Brakes
  • Floor and Undercarriage
  • Lights and Electrical
  • Roof
  • Breakaway System and Plug
  • Safety Chains and Hitch


In addition to performing a safety check, this is just a sample of the services we provide:

  • DOT Inspections
  • Replace Worn Tires
  • Fix, Adjust, or Replace Brakes
  • Repack Bearings
  • Install or Replace Breakaway Systems
  • Find and Fix Lighting Issues
  • Fix or Replace Hitches
  • Fix or Replace Boat Cranks
  • Fix or Replace Door Latches
  • Fix or Replace Flooring
  • Replace Roof Vents
  • Caulk Roofs
  • Replace Awnings on Campers
  • Customize Trailers including adding device charging stations, shelving, hooks, insulation and heat
  • Welding Service
  • Hot Pressure Washing and Wax Service

Or just about anything else that is either attached or related to a trailer!

Our Trailer Services

Break trailer repair

Snowmobile Trailer and Ice House Trailer Maintenance

The winters in Minnesota are tough but for those who fish or play hard, they look forward to the snowy fun. However, winter sport trailers take a beating with salt and water exposure. Let us help get your ice house or snowmobile trailer ready for winter.

boat trailer

Boat Trailer Repair

The last thing you want is a trailer malfunction on the road in Minnesota which can lead to an accident or death. You regularly check the brakes on your vehicle, you should do it on your trailer as well. Unfortunately, some accidents can be traced back to owner neglect which are preventable with yearly maintenance checks.

Let us repair and maintain your trailer. We will keep you on the lake where you should be and not on the side of the road or in the garage.

Custom Ice camper

Enclosed Trailer Repair

We also use two 3D printers to custom make any non-structural trailer components you need such as plug holders and grommets. It is cost effective and provides a faster turn around time for us to make these parts rather than to spend time searching a parts book, ordering the part, waiting a week or more for delivery then have you come back so we can install the part.

We would love to talk.

Schedule a time to go over your trailer needs.

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Custom Trailer Work

Custom Stainless steel trailer storage

We can customize your commercial, cargo, camper, horse, ice house, or utility trailer so that you have a trailer that meets your specific needs.

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Shawn got me back on the road in short time after doing my yearly DOT inspection. Shawn is honest and goes above and beyond. I put on over 75k miles a year with my business hauling equipment all over the midwest. I can trust Shawn and his team to keep me rolling!!

Kyle Brooks

The piece of mind your company gives me is priceless

Sarah Hoban

What our customers say:

“I put a lot of miles on my horse trailer going to shows all over the country. Shawn and his team provide regular maintenance and have never up-sold me to something I didn’t need. They are also not stuck on a 9-5 schedule. I have dropped and picked up my trailer when it was convenient to me.”

Trudy Midas EspanaSilk

"We travel over 12,000 miles per year with our LQ horse trailer - and there's literally no way we could do it without Shawn's help. He is so great at not only maintaining my trailer but he's also super ingenious in coming up with new ideas for storing for all of the many items we need to bring along. As a woman that often travels alone cross country with my kids and horses, having Shawn and his crew at ALL-MAC maintain and repair my rig gives me (and my husband) the confidence I need to hit the road and know we will be safe. The bottom line is that Shawn and his team are the best and I highly recommend them!"

Kristy Gusick

“We line up our trailers and All Mac spends the day doing what would take us days if he had to move all of our trailers to another location to get fixed. It is a real timesaver for our farm”

Marla Lakeview Farms