Boat Trailer Repair Twin Cities

A frequently neglected, but most important part, of boating is the boat trailer. Without the trailer, you would likely have to put the boat on the roof of your truck or drag it to the water. Why is this piece of equipment the often most neglected? We believe it is because we only interact with it twice a boating trip (in and out of the water). A proper maintenance schedule and addressing repair issues are critical to your continued enjoyment and, more importantly, safe use of your boat.

Obviously, the more you use your boat the more critical regular maintenance is to your enjoyment. However, leaving the boat trailer sit (which is what we regularly do) can also cause rust or part breakdown. Let’s face it water is not a friend of metal. If you leave your trailer outside in the winter or drive on the road you can expose it to salt which is also not a fan of metal. Wheels can dry rot or wear down, electrical systems fail and cranks can seize up, adding to a common list of watercraft trailer problems.

The last thing you want is a trailer malfunction on the road in Minnesota which can lead to an accident. You regularly check the brakes on your vehicle, you should do it on your trailer as well. Unfortunately, some accidents can be traced back to owner neglect which are preventable with yearly maintenance checks.

Let us repair and maintain your watercraft trailer. We will keep you on the lake where you should be and not on the side of the road or in the garage.

For a full-service boat repair, including a wash and wax, contact All Mac Inc. We are in Stacy MN just off 35W on your way to the cabin up North. Consider dropping your trailer off on a Sunday night, after your weekend, and picking it up on Friday night when you head back to the lake.

We can even drive to you with our Mobile Repair Team.