We can customize your commercial, cargo, camper, horse trailer, ice house, or utility trailer so that you have a trailer that meets your specific needs.

We have installed a new bathroom in a camper, built shelving in snowmobile trailers, and custom-designed commercial trailers.  Usually when you purchase a trailer, it is pretty bare-bones.  Simply adding hooks or shelves can transform the utility of your trailer.

We have also completed major overhauls of trailers including replacing axles with heavier ones to handle additional weight, added windows, cut the top off a trailer and made it taller, added diamond plating on the front of the trailer to protect it from rocks on the road, replaced entire floors, added insulation, and installed new doors.  As long as the renovation does not remove the structural integrity of the trailer, we can make your vision a reality.

Maybe you have not even considered the possibilities of customizing your trailer.  You could add heat, a device charging station, storage for extra clothes or gear or maybe even a hook for extra keys.  That could be a game changer when you are constantly searching for keys!  Give us a call today and we can offer suggestions on what you can do to make your trailer more user-friendly.

Here is just a small sample of our work

This BenerUp Trailer was manufactured in Germany and parts are either no longer available or are too expensive.  Therefore, we custom-made the flooring on-site providing the customer with a like-new trailer at a fraction of the cost.

We have also installed windows on a stock trailer converting the use and utility of this trailer for the owner.

Custom Trailer windows

Whatever your trailer needs are, there is a good chance we have already performed similar work on another trailer or can recommend completely custom renovations to your trailer.  Rather than trading or buying a new trailer, talk to us first to see if we can transform what you already have into something that works better for you.