Pressure wash and heat cleaning service

We offer a complete hot pressure washing service, at our site or yours, that can include a wash of the inside and outside of your trailer and a wax to preserve your trailer.  Some trailers may require an acid wash of which we can also accommodate.

Regular washing of your trailer can not only retain its value and prevent rust from the harsh Minnesota and Wisconsin road conditions, but you may find that you simply enjoy your trailer more if it looks and smells better.  

The most frequent trailers we pressure wash include commercial, horse trailers, boats and campers.  Each of these trailers have special needs and waxes to safeguard the longevity and value of the trailer.

Pressure washing and waxing commercial trailers gives your company brand and logo a quality visual appeal to your customers.  First impressions matter and we are here to help you take the road grime, salt and dirt off your trailers.  If your truck is attached, we will do that too, so they are a matching unit! 

For horse trailers we can pressure wash the inside, as well as the outside. You may think you are picking up a new trailer when it is done! It will also smell better too.  Horses tend to urinate in trailers causing moisture between the floor boards and mats.  Therefore, we remove the mats and clean those separately.  We pressure wash the inside walls, windows and ceiling of the trailer.  We cannot guarantee your horses will board easier, but it will be a nicer ride for them when they do finally get in!

We can also pressure wash the inside of horse barns.  Here are some photographs that show what a difference it can make in your barn by brightening it up and making it like new again!

livestock barn cleaning

barn cleaning

Boats may have years of water lines and stains on the outside hull.  We can pressure wash your boat and add boat wax to prevent any further fading of the colors and prevent future water lines.  We can also pressure wash the inside of your boat removing any dead fish or minnow smells.  If you are on the lake and there are other neighbors that want to get their boats washed at one time, we can come to you with our on-site trailer and on-board pressure washer. 

boat pressure washing

Campers tend to get black roofs after a couple of years.  We can pressure wash the black off and give you a brand-new looking roof.  Campers also have a lot of windows, so we ensure they are streak free on the outside, so you can enjoy the view of the great outdoors.  We can also apply wax to ensure against color fading and preserve the value of your investment.   Sitting around a campfire is the perfect end to a long day.  It is even better to look around and not see a dirty camper and think of the work you need to do when you get home.  Kick back and let us handle that for you!