Shawn McLane learned his work ethic and developed a strong moral compass while growing up in Northern Minnesota.  One of his favorite memories is carrying cement blocks at age 10 while helping his grandfather build the family home.  Hard work has always been a part of Shawn’s life.

Some people go into business to make money and retire someday.  Shawn went into business to help people and plans on doing what he loves well past retirement.  Once you meet him, you will understand.  Shawn treats his customers as family and they come back year-after-year. He is motivated by seeing a customer drive off in a safe trailer or doing custom work that they cannot find anyplace else.

Shawn has almost 30 years of experience pulling and working on trailers.  He remembers pulling trailers with his 1974 CJ Jeep right after he got his driver’s license and still owns that Jeep today.  Shawn has always had the philosophy that it is better to fix and maintain what you already have. 


Here is Shawn in front of that 1974 CJ Jeep with his current jeep in the background.


Shawn is also a volunteer firefighter and first responder of 10 years with the Linwood Fire Department in Anoka County.  He resides with his wife of 23 years and enjoys camping, snowmobiling, and off-road Jeeping in his free time.