boat trailer

Now is the time to get ready for fishing opener!  Fall is the perfect time to get your trailer in and make sure it is ready when the fish are biting.  Boats are in and out of the water several times a year and have unique maintenance needs.  Specifically, bearings heat up when you are traveling to the lake and then they go into cold water. The heat and then sudden cold sucks water into the bearings.  Bearings are lubricated with grease and are not a good combination with water.  For that reason, we recommend boat bearings be repacked once a year.  In addition, we recommend hydraulic brake fluid be flushed once every five years as moisture can also collect in the fluid.

In addition to maintenance, we can also pressure wash years of water lines and surface stains off your boat and give it a good wax.  We can replace rotted wood on the trailer bed, replace rollers, replace or lubricate cranks, make sure your spare tire is in good shape, check the wear on you current tires, and perform an overall safety check. Spring is a very busy time at our shop so beat the rush and schedule a time to get your boat trailer in now. While everyone else is scrambling and unprepared next Spring, you can spend your time shopping for a new rod and reel rather than worrying about your trailer.