ice castle, ice house

Spend your time enjoying the game on a Sunday afternoon in your fish house with a device charging station, custom cabinets, updated seating and storage.  Now is the time to get that work done!

In addition, get the tires checked, repack the bearings, check the lights so you don’t have any breakdowns on the way to the lake.

Fish House and Ice Castles have unique trailer maintenance needs depending on their use.  Some fish houses are put on the lake the moment the ice can handle the weight and they are not moved all season.  Other people like to move around a bit, try new spots and get some new neighbors.  Regardless of how you use your winter haven, give us a call to make sure you enjoy your down time on the weekends rather than dealing with maintenance and repairs.  We have worked on almost every fish house out there including Glacier Ice House, Yetti Fish House, Ridgeline, Alumalce, Firebrand, Ice Forts, and more! We have a full staff of trained mechanics who can get your trailer in and out and get you back on the lake.

This is also the perfect time to customize your wheelhouse.  Add a counter with storage underneath, get a proper mount for your tv set so you can move the screen around and see it from all of the holes, add a power charging station for your devices, add a glove and boot drying rack, and replace your CO2 detectors. 

Take charge of your weekends by doing the things you love rather than spending time running to the parts store (three times – we’ve been there).  Give us a call and get your weekends back! I should add that we provide the same great service to both Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packer fish houses.