horse trailer

If you have ever been to our shop, you will quickly see that horse trailers are our specialty. We developed a unique bond with several clients over the years who come back year after year to ensure they have a safe trailer before they transport any of their horses.  Many of our on-site services are performed at horse barns.  There is enough demand that sometimes we need to come back 2-3 times to the same location to get to all the trailers fixed or maintained.

Many horse owners simply want us to perform a safety check.  They want to know their trailer is safe for their beloved horses because let’s face it, some people like their horses more than they like people.  That’s okay.  We get it and we take our responsibilities serious to ensuring everyone a safe ride. 

Horses can be rough on trailers.  Anything from kicking a door to urinating on the floor boards creating moisture between the mat and the wood.  We replace a lot of wood floors ensuring the structural integrity of the trailer and a safe ride for the horses.  We also do a lot of hot pressure washing of the inside and outside of horse trailers.  Many people say it is like they are picking up a brand-new trailer, and it smells better too!

We have seen almost every type of trailer: 4 Star, Four Start, Benderup, Bender Up, Featherlight, WW, Hawk, Lakota, Elite, Sundowner, Sooner, Exiss, Exis, Cimarron, Trailswest, Kiefer Built, and more!

Much of the custom work we did started out in horse trailers with living quarters attached.  We added a bathroom, re-designed a tack room, added shelves, storage boxes, and added our custom-made hooks.

However, if all you want to know is if your trailer is safe we are happy to look it over during a SAFETY CHECK. We will not recommend repairs that we don’t think you need.  Honestly, we just don’t have time for that nonsense.  We are a family-run business and we hire our employees with the same integrity and small-town mentality as the owner.  If you ask around, chances are someone has heard of Shawn at All Mac.  Most of the time, he is the one who answers the phone.

barn cleaning

Finally, we even pressure washed the inside of a horse barn.  I wish I would have taken a good “before” picture, but you can see how bright the inside was after we were done.

“I put a lot of miles on my horse trailer going to shows all over the country.  Shawn and his team provide regular maintenance and have never up-sold me to something I didn’t need.  They are also not stuck on a 9-5 schedule. I have dropped and picked up my trailer when it was convenient to me.”

Trudy Midas, EspanaSilk

“We travel over 12,000 miles per year with our LQ horse trailer – and there’s literally no way we could do it without Shawn’s help. He is so great at not only maintaining my trailer but he’s also super ingenious in coming up with new ideas for storing for all the many items we need to bring along. As a woman that often travels alone cross country with my kids and horses, having Shawn and his crew at ALL-MAC maintain and repair my rig gives me (and my husband) the confidence I need to hit the road and know we will be safe. The bottom line is that Shawn and his team are the best and I highly recommend them!”

Kristy Gusick

“The peace of mind your company gives me is priceless”

Sarah Hoban

“We line up our trailers and All Mac spends the day doing what would take us days if he had to move all of our trailers to another location to get fixed.  It is a real time-saver for our farm.”  

Marla, Lakeview Farms