Snowmobile Trailer Repair

snowmobile trailer repair

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, consider one more stop at our shop to ensure you have a hassle-free trip.  In addition to making sure your trailer is maintained, it is a perfect time to add a device charging station, an extra shelf or a storage box to organize your gear in the trailer.

When the snow is falling, and the wind is blowing, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good organization system in your trailer? Maybe shelves with posts to store your helmets, hooks for your jackets and snow pants, a place for extra goggles.  The days of throwing all your stuff in a tote or having a disorganized mess to be constantly sorting when it is 20 below could be behind you.  Imagine each family member has a place to store their gear in the trailer freeing up space in your truck?  Have you ever considered insulating your snowmobile trailer and adding heat?  Can you imagine coming back to your trailer for lunch, parking your sleds outside, plugging in your devices for a full charge, firing up a grill for lunch and warming up inside your trailer before going back out for a full afternoon of riding.  The entire trip can change with a well organized and customized trailer made just for your needs.

When the season unfortunately comes to an end and before you tuck your trailer away, bring it by for a pressure wash and wax, check the lights, brakes, roof, and tires after all those miles to make sure they didn’t pick up some piece of road debris causing a slow leak.   

Re-caulking a snowmobile trailer roof
Re-Caulking a roof on a snowmobile trailer

If you find yourself in the Linwood/Stacy area, check out the Kiwi Snowmobile trails.  The owner of All Mac Inc. is one of the regular groomers of the trails and it would not be unusual to see the Kiwi groomer parked outside of our shop  in the winter months.  (My wife is making me add that “Kiwi” is a fast flying bird, not a fruit.  She just wants to be clear that we are not a snowmobile club named after a fruit!)  

Snowmobile Trailer Maintenance And Safety