commercial fleet trailers repair

Utility trailers have many uses from fall leaf clean up, moving a lawn motor to different sites, hauling lumber for a weekend project (that turns into a month project), or moving a couch and mattress set.  Utility trailers might not be used that often but when they are used, they need to work.  You have a lot of things to do and one day to do them.  Your trailer needs to keep up with you and not give you any hassles.  Winter is the perfect time to get your utility trailer in and serviced to make sure it is ready to go in the Spring. 

How many utility trailers have you seen broke down beside the road?  I usually see a tire off the trailer or a broken axle.  One is a maintenance item while the other may be putting too much weight on the trailer.  We can fix both. We will ensure your trailer tires are road worthy and make sure your spare is ready should you hit something and need to use it.  On the other hand, if you are maxing out your trailer weight, we can inspect your trailer and give you a recommendation.  Many times we can simply put a heavier duty axle on the trailer and you are good-to-go.  Other times we may need to also increase the structural integrity of the trailer along with a new axle.  Whatever your needs are, we have experts here to help.

We can also fix wiring issues.  Wiring issues can be caused by simple wear and tear over the years or an industrious mouse.  Minnesota mice are in a category all of their own.  We are amazed at the damage they can cause but we can fix that.  We can also replace burn out bulbs, add new lights, repack the bearings and custom make storage compartments for your tie-downs.  Utility trailers have many uses and are essential for a wide variety of uses.  Make sure your trailer is ready to go by getting it in now for an annual maintenance and safety check.