As part of our check we lubricate the jack and hitch, and ensure the chains are long enough to cross.

Crossing chains is another simple safety measure to ensure that should the worst happen, you have the best chance of a good outcome.

Trailer chains safety check
The Incorrect Way

This is how NOT to hook up chains.  If your trailer becomes unhooked and pulls away from your truck and one of these chains let loose, you could end up in a very serious accident causing injury to yourself and others.  Always cross your chains.  If your chains are not long enough, you need to get new ones before your next trip.

We also fix or repair hitches.  Hitches can become bent and need to be replaced in order to work property.  Hitches can also accumulate rust and be difficult to crank. A well working hitch is a small upgrade but can change the enjoyment of your trailer immensely.

Call us today to update your safety chains and to fix or replace your hitch.