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We check the tires for weather cracking, leaks, valve stem issues and proper PSI.  Tighten bolts to specific torque values.  Tires should be changed every seven years at the minimum.  You should change them more often depending on your use.

We test the brakes and adjust them if needed, replace seals if needed, and inspect the following: magnets, brake pads, hub/drums; brake wires, wheel bearings.

Brakes and tires are the most commonly replaced items on a trailer.  Use and wear of these items will depend on the type of trailer and the use of the trailer.   

For instance, boat trailers are in and out of the water several times a year.  Specifically, bearings heat up when you are traveling to the lake and then they go into cold water. The heat and then sudden cold sucks water into the bearings.  Bearings are lubricated with grease and are not a good combination with water.  For that reason, we recommend boat bearings are repacked once a year.  In addition, we recommend hydraulic brake fluid is flushed once every five years as moisture can also collect in them.

Commercial or work trailers also have unique tire and brake maintenance needs as they are used almost every day in all of the different Minnesota and Wisconsin road conditions.  Sometimes those conditions can change from rain to snow and ice in one day!   We see a lot of commercial trailers with rust issues due to the salt used on our roads.  We weld additional metal and provide a pressure washing service to prevent additional rust damage.